Sarel Jewelry combines ancient Jewish tradition with modern art. Sarel’s passion for her craft was evident in every piece of jewelry she created. In addition to her handmade jewelry, Sarel also designed custom pieces for special occasions such as weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and other important milestones in the lives of her clients.

Through her work, Sarel had not only become a successful jewelry designer but also a beloved member of the Jewish community in Jerusalem and beyond.

As she continued to create new and innovative designs, Sarel knew that her jewelry would continue to be treasured and passed down for generations, a testament to the rich history and enduring beauty of Jewish culture

Like most other historic nations, we too have our own beloved palate of color combinations. In our work, we are influenced by four primary colors that reflect the Israeli and Jewish nationality and represent its essence in full: White and blue create modern Israel’s national flag and symbolize the sky and our national freedom that came with the state of Israel. Turquoise is the color of our beautiful seas. The red color signifies the very high price we pay for the privilege of living and creating in the Holy Land. These four colors in our jewelry collection have become Sarel Studio’s trademark.

Our jewelry combines both the history and the unique flavor of modern Israel. We create every piece based on ancient jewelry, brooch, or a pendant, made with the filigree technique. By using a variety of different materials and textures, we aim to create a new image of the ancient pattern.

We at Sarel Studio deliver all of our jewelry in a beautiful gift box, ready to be presented or received. Surprise your wife, girlfriend, mother, or daughter with a unique timeless handmade piece of jewelry that will be valued forever.